If you have any of the following symptoms we ask that you please refrain from attending a GENESIS service and recommend that you seek professional health care

    -Fever or flu-like symptoms 
    -Cough or sneezing 
    -Scratchy or sore throat
    -Loss of smell or taste
    -Shortness of breath
    -Congestion or runny nose
    -New headache or body aches
    -Unusual fatigue

    -Abdominal pain, chills and or diarrhea

    No, GENESIS Kids is currently closed, but children are still welcome.  Our awesome Kids ministry team will be providing kids with an worship bag. 

    It's important to note that important to keep everyone safe attending, that we are doing temperature checks for kids under the age of 11.  If a child has a temp of 100 or more we will have to ask you not to attend the service.  

    Yes, we are asking that everyone practice social distancing while attending GENESIS.  We have also set up our chairs so that they are 6 feet apart.  

    Yes.  We are asking everyone to wear a mask.  The current state guidelines are that

    • Children under 2 should not wear a mask

    • Children between the age of 2-5 are optional and at the parents' discretion

    • Anyone with a medical condition who can't wear a mask, will not be required, but we suggest that if you have a medical condition that you may consider not attending GENESIS until we resume normal gatherings. 

    • The only exception to wearing masks is that we will allow all who are comfortable to take off their masks while listening to the message part of the service.  Face masks must be put back on for any worship.   

    We will only be providing water bottles and seltzer at the cafe.  Coffee and tea services are temporatly suscpended until further notice.  While we know people like to hang out and chat with people at the cafe, we are asking that you grab your drink quickly and then move on to avoid any aggregating of people around the cafe.  

    If you have not RSVPd then you will be asked to wait until we have found seats for all those who have RSVPd.  Our desire is to provide a seat for everyone who comes to attend GENESIS, however, we do have limited seating and capacity during this season.  We appreciate your patience in advance. 

    We will have seating both in the sanctuary and open space area.  Sanctuary seating will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.  People who have RSVPd will be seated first. We will do our best to put seats in groups based on how the RSVPs we received, however, this will not always be possible.  Due to needing to meet the 6-foot rule with seating and the state's rules for capacity please understand that we do have limited seating.  

    Yes, the mother's room will be open, but limited to two mother's with a child at a time in order to maintain social distancing.  

    Seeing that many who attend GENESIS are still watching online, you may notice that the stage looks a little different and you may also notice that whoever is teaching on Sunday, might be looking a bit more at the camera than engaging with the audience.  While we know that is a bit different, we want to make sure that all those still watching online, feel that we are connecting with them as well.  

    Great Question!  When you come to GENESIS a parking volunteer will help point you to a parking spot.  When you enter the building, you will be greeted by our hospitality team.  If you have kids under 11, someone from our kids team will do a temp check for them.  

    When you enter our open space there is a welcome desk which will have someone from our hospitality team to greet you and provide you with a face mask (if needed), answer any questions you have, and to direct you to the appropriate place.  

    In front of the sanctuary doors we will have a check in table where volunteers will check your RSVP and the number of people in your party.  From there, you will be ushered into the sanctuary to be seated.   Note that you will not be able to choose your seats.  Your usher will place you in the best possible seats based on your group size.